Darkness before the Dawn

Many years ago I served a wonderful congregation in McMinnville, Tennessee, which was just a few miles from the famous Cumberland Caverns. As an avid spelunker I visited the cave many times with friends for days – and night – of adventure. One year I suggested to the Ministerial Association that we hold the annual Easter Sunrise Service at the cave.

We met well before dawn when it was still quite dark. The cave opening was rather massive – and even a little scary. As the service opened the mood was sober and reflective. We then led the gathered congregation away from the cave opening and down a path into the woods where there was a rustic amphitheater where we could see the beautiful valley through the trees. As we look eastward we read the Easter story and watched the sunrise, with shafts of light glistening in the moisture filled air.

Easter is a time to celebrate the emotions rather than the intellect. Rather than try to figure out how the resurrection happened we should just rejoice and sing – because it did!