Holy Humor!

Often the Sunday after Easter Sunday is called “Low Sunday.” Many ministers take vacations at this time and it is generally expected that there may be record low attendance as if the celebration of Easter took away all our energy and enthusiasm. I was thankful when I realized that the Day of Resurrection was a big day to be sure, but as the Church developed its liturgical calendar, it seemed only logical that the Easter season should still the church with joyful song and praise to the risen Christ for no less than seven Sundays.

Actually, the Second Sunday in Easter came to be known as Holy Humor Sunday; as if the Christian community stood together, arm in arm, in the cemetery with a huge belly laugh in Satan’s direction because through Jesus, Satan has been caged and death has been conquered. I hope that you will continue to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection with us for the next seven weeks. After all, this is the Event around which the entire universe was made. Why would we limit its celebration to only one day – and only one hour of one day? No way! We should celebrate Jesus’ resurrection every day – for as long as we live. And that’s no joke!