A Relational God

I am reading an interesting book, Quantum Shift: Theological and Pastoral Implications of Contemporary Science by Heidi Ann Russell, about the relationship of science and religion. The author begins with the observation that religious people often use science as a means of proving God’s existence. Instead, she turns to the scientific revolution of the 20th century that began with relativity theory and quantum theory.

Because of these great discoveries we no longer see the universe – and life – as static, but as dynamic and relational. This becomes evident when we start with our [Christian] belief in the nature of God as relational. The popular novel of a few years back, The Shack, demonstrated this dynamic relationship between the three members of the Trinity. This seminal truth opens the door for a way that looks at our faith as dynamic and relational, giving us not only great possibilities for the Church – but for a world that is angry, polarized, and at war. The word here is Hope – and I can hardly wait for the next chapter!