A Miracle of Hearing

We have arrived at the end of the Easter season – seven weeks of celebrating the wonderful truth that God raised Jesus from death, securing a place for us with Him. During the Easter season we read from the so-called Farewell Discourses in John’s gospel and the pictures of the New City of God in the Book of Revelation. For seven weeks the glories of the risen Christ – our hope for the future and the present unfolded before us.

Next Sunday we hear the mind-bending story of how the Holy Spirit invaded the Hebrew celebration of Pentecost and invested it with new meaning and a new entity – the Christian Church – the very Body of the risen Christ. The story in the Book of Acts depicts a miracle of hearing the Gospel in one’s own language when the gathered community consisted of many languages. Over the years I have worshiped God in many countries and in many languages. I have found that no matter where I am, I can always imagine what is happening even when I don’t know the language. Pentecost continues – with a miracle of hearing!