A Life-Changing Event

How many times have you experienced a life-changing event? The simple answer is that all of us have had such events – many times – and of varying intensities. I remember one time many years ago that I had a life-changing event when a girlfriend broke up with me. At the time I just didn’t see how I could go on living. Thankfully, this only lasted a short time. Life-changing events are what make us human, especially those of us who walk this life’s journey with Jesus.

Two weeks ago I announced one of those life-changing events to my congregation: I will be retiring from the active ministry on October 2, 2016 after 10 years of ministry here in Greensboro and 45 years lifetime service. We are spending the next three months celebrating ministry together here and I am celebrating ministry going back many years. To show you how rich and experience this has been, I received a card signed by more than a dozen “young people” and adults from the church I served in the mid-70s! It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Life-changing experiences are inevitable. I hope you treasure yours!