A Momentous Family Occasion

Every Sunday morning people gather in the sanctuary of the First Presbyterian Church, Greensboro to worship God. There is nothing more important that the Church does than to worship God. This is what separates us from clubs, civic groups, or other organizations. We are drawn together only by our common love of God and God’s son Jesus Christ. Line however, in the worship of God we express ourselves as family. This Sunday was no exception as we celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of two of our members. It all started several months ago with a phone call from a sister and, as they say, the rest is history. Our education building overflowed with people in this “surprise” event. There was lots of food and a huge cake. The noise and fellowship hall was almost deafening and there were hugs, here, there, and everywhere!

As I move toward retirement one of the things I will miss is these family gatherings. Even so, I am not sad about this because I know that God’s family is everywhere and that the party will continue!