I am in my 46 the year of ordained ministry and just three weeks from retirement. I approach retirement with a sense of peace and gratitude because of all that God has allowed me to do over the span of nearly half a century. However, I need to remind my readers that “retirement” is not a biblical doctrine. I don’t think there is a single example in Scripture of anyone an “retiring .” There are many examples of folks being buried with their ancestors – and even a few stories of people being carried off in chariots! I could almost wish to go that way!

Retirement is an invention of the industrial world where when a person turns a certain age, he/she becomes eligible for Social Security and then the cessation of work. My father worked for Singer sewing machine company for 46 years and could never bring himself to use the word “retirement.” He always said that when he turned 65, “they put me out.” I expect that God will put me in some other form of ministry – with or without remuneration. I can hardly wait to retire so I can find out what my next job is!