Rev’ing Up 3/15/17

Rev’ing up… 3/15/17
There are lots of great things happening here at FPOG. The worship team is gelling and moving forward with some well thought out changes to make the service flow better. The fellowship team has organized activities for every month this year. The member care team is doing an excellent of taking care of members and following up with visitors. Building and grounds is gearing up to do some much needed projects. The mission team has arranged for support for some great causes. Our Education program is up and running again. It was great to see the choir more than double in size from February to March!
We are delighted to welcome new members Spencer and Brooke Hinds to our church. Both are long term Presbyterians and bring much eagerness to serve and participate in the life of FPOG. We have rediscovered Dot Key and I found her to be a delightful person. Please make an effort to reach out to these new and renewed members of our body.
There are several pastoral care situations that are being followed and it is great that elders are participating in these rather than abdicating entirely to the pastor. It is a great sign of health that is not always found in churches. Elders and others are participating in pastoral care.
Prayers for care and of celebration go up at the same time!



Bible Trivia Quiz, some more trivial than others, taken from “The Awesome Book of Bible Trivia” by Bob Phillips (note: the questions get progressively more difficult as you go along, the last two are for fun)

1. For whatever a man soweth, ____________________________________.
2. “Delilah said to ________. Tell me, I pray thee, wherein thy great strength lieth.”
3. What was the name of the prophet who was very hairy and wore a leather belt? ___________
4. What was the name of the man who inherited Elijah’s mantle? _________________
5. What woman in the Bible tried to seduce a handsome slave? __________________
6. Miriam and Aaron were upset with Moses because he married a woman from _____________.
7. Who was the individual who watched over baby Moses while he floated in the bulrushes? _______________
8. What was the name of the mother who made a little coat for her son every year? ___________
9. What was the name of the king who put Jeremiah into a dungeon where he sank in the mire? ______________
10. Four rivers flowed out of the Garden of Eden. What are their names? __________, __________, __________, & __________.
Now just for fun…
11. Where does it talk about Honda cars in the Bible? __________________________
12. Who was the smallest man in the Bible? ___________________________
For answers see the current Church-ology article