I am in my 46 the year of ordained ministry and just three weeks from retirement. I approach retirement with a sense of peace and gratitude because of all that God has allowed me to do over the span of nearly half a century. However, I need to remind my readers that “retirement” is not […]

Praying across the Miles

As I move toward retirement in one month, I have been reflecting on ministries I have started, places I have gone, and people I have come to love. One of those special times in my ministry came in 1996 when I was serving as Associate Executive for Florida Presbytery (the Panhandle). We started a partnership […]

A Momentous Family Occasion

Every Sunday morning people gather in the sanctuary of the First Presbyterian Church, Greensboro to worship God. There is nothing more important that the Church does than to worship God. This is what separates us from clubs, civic groups, or other organizations. We are drawn together only by our common love of God and God’s […]

Called at an Early Age

I love the Old Testament story of Samuel and how God called him as a little child who had been brought to the Temple for service by his mother. While I am thankful for my teenage experience that I wrote about last week, my “internal” call came much earlier perhaps as early as 1954! I […]

What I Did Not Learn in Seminary

As I move toward retirement I have become reflective about 45 years of ordained ministry and more than 50 years of ministry before my ordination. It all started at the Black Rock Congregational Church in Bridgeport Connecticut when I was a freshman in high school. Through a variety of circumstances I began attending that church […]

A Life-Changing Event

How many times have you experienced a life-changing event? The simple answer is that all of us have had such events – many times – and of varying intensities. I remember one time many years ago that I had a life-changing event when a girlfriend broke up with me. At the time I just didn’t […]