Foreign Missions

Jim and Jodi McGill, PCAUSA Missionaries in Malawi

PCA Missionaries in Malawi since 1995—Our church supports them with constant prayers for their work and a monetary contribution each year to help them in their mission with the families in Central Africa.

Orphan Aid Liberia

Orphan Aid Liberia was created to rebuild the lives of 300,000 orphaned children physically, mentally, and spiritually. At Orphan Aid Liberia, we believe that every one of those children are precious to God, and that it is our responsibility to show them that they are loved, that they are special, and that they are certainly not forgotten. Our Presbyterian woman have made dresses for the girls there and our church supports them with monetary gifts each year.

Livingstonia Scholarship Fund and Clean Water

We support 2 students each year for Livingstonia, Synod for these children to have 1 year of education.

Local Missions

Atlas Ministries in Greensboro, GA-Local Ministry

ATLAS Ministry, Inc. is a non-denominational Christian organization serving Greensboro, Georgia and the surrounding area. Formed in Greene County in 2006, ATLAS is a Christ-centered community resource that works with families who are committed to setting their lives on a healthy and productive new path.

Christian Outreach Thrift store in Greensboro, GA

Christian Outreach Thrift Store is part of Greene County Christian Outreach. All proceeds from sales at COTS are used to assist families and individuals in need. Our church has volunteers seven times a year to help as cashiers. Christian Outreach takes monetary and household and Clothing tax deductible donations

First Call Pregnancy Center in Greensboro, GA

This agency was founded in 2005 to help girls with an abortion alternative. They provide prenatal care, counseling, items for their new babies, and new mother training. We support them with a yearly monetary gift to help provide these items to these girls.

Circle of Love, Greensboro, GA

This is a Shelter to victims of partner violence. This mission to our community is for healing the hurt of intimate partner violence.

Greene County Food Bank in Greensboro, GA

This local mission is supported through donations and volunteering from our church several times a year.

Thornwell Home for Children, Clinton, SC

This Home for Children is a place for hope and healing for children that have suffered abuse, neglect, abandonment and other family crisis.

Pete Nance Boys and Girls Club, Greensboro, GA

This mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. The Pete Nance Boys & Girls Club was formed in June 2011. Committed to working hand-in-hand with our school system to touch the lives of every child in our community while making our Club a safe place to learn and grow during non-school hours and led by caring professional staff, our members and the entire school system receive life-enhancing programs and character development experiences that assist in our members' ability to grow and develop into productive, responsible and caring adults.

Threads of Love in Greensboro, GA

The Lake Oconee Chapter of Threads of Love makes and donates preemie bereavement gowns and blankets to families who have lost a child prematurely. We make gowns in sizes 1-2#, 3-4#, and 5-6# paired with a matching blanket. These are packaged and given to several hospitals that share them with families to use for burial or a keepsake. Funds are used to purchase fabric for gowns and blankets. TOL very much appreciates the First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro for your past support of this precious ministry. Thank you so very much!!

In the spring of 2010, Joyce Daniel read about Threads of Love on one of her online sewing newsgroups. She asked some questions and found out that their bi-yearly conference was coming up in Charlotte, NC so she made plans to attend. She met some very dedicated folks including Sissy, found out how to start a chapter, taught 2 classes, and then back to Greensboro, Ga to get things rolling. She was able to explain Threads of Love to her Community Bible Study group and had 10 gals ready to go. Our group now has 26 gals on the roster. 8-10 gals come each month. We meet once a month and cut gowns in 4 different sizes and 22” square blankets. Those who sew take gowns home to sew. The blankets are serged and then the edge is crocheted. Others cut, embroider designs on, package all the pieces, some deliver, etc. We provide preemie bereavement gowns and blankets to 10+ hospitals in several different states and in Mexico. We also do a Bertha Wrap for babies <1# per a request from several hospitals. These are made from hankies and packaged with a blanket. A certificate of recognition, prayer card, crocheted cap, an embroidered heart complete the packet. They are given to hospitals to give to parents who have lost a child.

Congratulations Sissy on 20 years of Threads of Love. We look forward to providing TLC to families who have lost a child prematurely. To God be the glory!