Presbyterians began meeting in the Siloam Meetinghouse on the waters of Richland Creek in the Greensboro area about the year of 1790. The records of Hopewell Presbytery for 1820 state the following: “Rev. Francis Commons, Greensborough communicants”  - The first record of an organized Presbyterian Church in Greensborough, GA.

In 1829 the Presbyterians and Baptists built the Union Church, which stood on the corner of North East and West North streets. Each held services two Sundays a month. In 1858 the Presbyterians sold their interest in the church and gave the proceeds to the Greensborough Female College at West Broad and North Laurel Ave. (Magnolia Manor) that had been destroyed by fire.

In 1859 the Presbyterians bought the land at the present location and built a church out of handmade bricks. During the Civil War the church was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers. The church burned in 1869. The pulpit furniture and Bible were the only things saved.

Reconstruction began in 1873, and continued, as money was available. Worship was held in the present church building when it was suitable. In 1893 the steeple and bell were added with the building remaining as it is today.

About 1920 the “manse” (pastor’s house) was added to the lot at the rear of the church. In 1942 the Sunday School building was begun and completed in 1947 as money was raised. In 2004 the steeple was restored to its original appearance. In 2006 a handicap ramp was built in memory of Elder W.L. Sheppard.

In 2009 the congregation began a new restoration project including a new metal roof, restoration of the shutters, and an narthex upgrade. In  2011, there has been a  focus on upgrading the Sunday School building,  and our kitchen.  In 2015, the sound system was upgraded.  We also completed the church lighting project which included a change out of all lighting fixtures.  The new light system resembles the system that was present in the church before 1900. 

While we are still taking care of our facilities, we as a congregation are increasing our mission outreach activities which, after all, is why we exist. We hope you will come by and see where we meet for the worship of God – and especially the warm welcome you will receive by our members.

Items of Interest

  • We have 70+ people who call FPOG their home.  This includes members, affiliates and Friends of the Church.
  • Our Sunday School is active, meeting every Sunday with 10 to 15 in attendance each week.
  • Our Choir has eight members and does most of our music with four part harmony.
  • Mission Work, both local and international is a joy to our membership.
  • Presbyterian Women, Men of the Church, the 19th Holers and Dinners for Eight are just a part of our Social fabric.
  • The church building is 67 feet long, 44 feet wide, and 98 feet from its foundation to the top of the steeple.
  • The communion set, tankard, and two goblets are identical to those at the First Baptist and First Methodist churches.
  • The first Bermuda grass in the United States was planted on the First Presbyterian Church lawn by Mr. Ezekiel Park.