Pastor Margaret ("Meg") Jackson Clark

Message from Meg

To all God's beloved in Greensboro who are called to be saints.
Grace to you and peace from God and our Lord Jesus Christ

(Romans l:7, adapted)

In the last several weeks, as I have spent time with members of the Pastor Nominating Committee and spoken to your former pastors, I have glimpsed a church family I can serve with joy, should you grant me that opportunity.

My husband and I welcome the chance to be with you in life and ministry, and to join you in reaching out to the Greensboro community and the people of Greene County.

I sense that the Spirit has been at work in this interim time preparing both you and me for the next chapter in our ministries. May God bless you this day and in the days to come.

A Brief Biography

Meg Jackson Clark comes to us with a rich heritage inside the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. The daughter of two preacher's kids, she grew up in Port Jefferson, New York. She and her four siblings owe much to  the loving and and encouraging congregation of the local Presbyterian church there.

Meg earned a BS degree in physics at Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. But with a deep faith in Jesus Christ, it wasn't long before she decided to forgo a career in physics and began her path to the ministry by attending the Candler School of Theology at Emory University. While there, in her own words, "l experienced the movement of the Spirit through music and mystics, through creativity and labyrinth walks, through pastoral care and preaching." While at Candler, Meg was a Campus Minister Intern at the Georgia Tech Presbyterian Center. She earned her Master of Divinity in 1990 and was ordained in 1992.


Work Experience

  • Campus Minister Intern at Georgia Tech Presbyterian Center, Atlanta, Georgia -- 1988-1990
  • Intern at Shallowford Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, Georgia - 1990-1991
  • Chaplain at Piedmont Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia -- 1991-1997
  • Associate Pastor at Newnan Presbyterian Church, Newnan, Georgia -- 1997-2010
  • Pastor at Dallas-Dodd Presbyterian Church, Lagrange, Georgia -- 2010-Present
  • Library Associate, Central Library, Newnan, Georgia -- 2010-Present


While serving at Newnan Presbyterian Church, Meg's son Andy was born. Although her marriage to Andy's father ended in 2005, her son remains her pride and joy. Andy will graduate from UGA in Spring, 2019.

Meg married her soul-mate Steven Brown in January 2017. Steve has been Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity, Troup Co. Inc. Together they have three adult children - Andy Clark who is at UGA, Zack Brown and Stephanie Brown, both of South Carolina. They also have a granddaughter, Rowan Brown.

Meg's inspirational preaching style and her skills in worship leadership and pastoral care are special gifts that will enable this church to move forward, together with the Spirit, to a bright future in spreading the Word of God.


Statement of Faith -- Meg Jackson Clark

I believe that love is stronger than death.

In love, God created the world and all that is.

Out of desire for companionship, God created humankind in God's image, endowing us with the capacity for love and creativity, and the freedom to choose how to conduct our lives.

We live in sin, separated from God, one another, and the image of God within us.

As a result our world has grown far away from the place God intends.

Out of God's great love, God became one of us in Jesus Christ, in order to know us fully, and to restore our broken relationships with God and one another.

Jesus embodied God's love and grace, and showed us how to love God and live God's ways.

He walked among us, teaching, healing, seeking justice and calling us to faithful discipleship.

Out of his great love for us, Jesus experienced shame, grief and crucifixion. He forgave us even as he gave his life for us, assuring us that God's love knows no boundaries.

In love, God raised Jesus from the dead, demonstrating that love is indeed stronger than death, and that nothing can separate us from the love of God.

In love, God sent us the Holy Spirit that we might never be alone, but always have God's companionship within and around us.

The Holy Spirit enables us to understand one another and ourselves and to become one, though we are many.

Out of God's love, the Holy Spirit gave birth to the church.

As God's church we are called to be God's instrument of love, the living body of Jesus Christ, reaching out with grace, love and healing to the world.

We are empowered for our calling through worship and sacrament. In baptism, we are marked as Christ's own forever, bathed in the Spirit, cleansed of sin and made ready for new life in Christ. In communion, we are nourished for our life together. We confess our brokenness as we partake of the broken body of Christ, receive forgiveness and experience oneness with him and his embodiment in the church. We are
sustained in our ministry through exploration of Scripture and the life of the Spirit, and our shared life as God's family.

Thanks be to God for God's great love!