Pastor Margaret ("Meg") Jackson Clark

Message from Meg

To all God's beloved in Greensboro who are called to be saints.
Grace to you and peace from God and our Lord Jesus Christ

(Romans l:7, adapted)


“It’s not about getting people in the pews; It’s about transforming the world for good in the name of Jesus Christ.”

When I heard those words at a church gathering a couple years ago, they gave me hope,

and reminded me of what is most important.

The ministry of Jesus Christ, not the institution of the church, is our primary call.

As Christians, we get to join God in whatever God is doing in our world!

It may be happening around the corner, down the street, across the ocean, or in our own living room.

God is at work in all those places, and invites us to join in transforming the world.

We might bring the healing touch of companionship or conversation.

We might supply clothing and comfort to children as far away as Liberia.

We might mentor a child at the school up the road.

We might be the body of Christ for someone in our neighborhood without family or church family.

The church building is mission central, the home office.

It is where we come to be replenished, nourished, renewed and sent back out.


As your pastor, it is my privilege to join God in equipping you for ministry through worship, education and prayer.

It is my joy to connect with you and join in God’s work here in Greensboro

and wherever else the Lord may send us to serve.


I look forward to getting to know you, whether you are a life-long member of this church

or a newcomer to the community. There is a place for you in our midst.  God has work for us to do!

Meg Jackson Clark


Biographical Shetch

Meg Jackson Clark is our Pastor.  She came to the Greensboro congregation in September, 2018. Most recently, Meg served as Pastor of Dallas-Dodd Presbyterian Church in LaGrange, GA, while also working in the Coweta County Public Library System. Prior to her time there, she was Associate Pastor at Newnan Presbyterian Church for 13 years. Meg began her ministry in Atlanta as Chaplain at Piedmont Hospital.

Meg received her education at Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania and Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta.

Meg is married to Steven Brown, her partner in life and ministry. Together they have three adult children - Andy Clark, a senior at UGA, Zack Brown and Stephanie Brown, both of South Carolina. They also have a granddaughter, Rowan Brown.

Meg and Steve have a life-long love of various types of music, and enjoy attending concerts, and adding their voices to the choir. Meg hopes to tune up her violin soon after years of neglect. They look forward to becoming involved in the Greensboro community and availing themselves of recreational opportunities here.