Rev. Alex Stevens, was called to be our Interim Pastor on January 15, 2017.  During the next 11 months, he led us through the interim process.  The results of much of that work, with the Session and Congregation, led to the formation and active operation of our Pastor Nominating Committee.  They now have a MIF on the PC(USA) Pastor Search system and are actively looking at prospective candidates. 

Our Presbytery COM and EP feel that we as a church are so far along in our Pastor Search Process, that we do not need another interim pastor.  Dr. Ford G’Segner will be our Session Moderator and give us advice along the way. 

Here is the letter Alex Sent to the Congregation about his decision to not complete the Call.  January 8, 2018 was his last day in our Pulpit.

To the beloved community,

By now I am sure that most of you have heard from the session regarding my decision not to renew my interim contract which expires January 8, 2018.  It was a decision that was made after much thought and prayer and not without a significant amount of sadness on my part.  I thought it best to simply share with you the same thing I shared with the session, so here is what I sent to them.

  • I have had and continue to have a growing sense that my calling from God at this time is much more in the form of pastoral care as opposed to pastoral leadership.
  • As I have experienced that awareness, my functioning as pastor of a church has become more of a burden and less of a joyful and natural exercise.  I am aware of how that has impacted me and my ongoing ability to serve the congregation most effectively.  Therefore, I cannot in conscience sign another contract, as it would not be in my best interests nor those of the church.
  • I have already completed two terms of my contract with First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro and do not feel that more time will be beneficial to the church or myself.  With good support from Presbytery this church can move forward in ways that will open it up to new growth.  While I cannot speak to anyone’s ability to make time commitments to FPOG, there are other resource people within the presbytery that can help facilitate goals and growth factors.  
  • I come to this conclusion with sadness but peace.  I see this congregation as one that has great potential and is filled with good God-loving people.
  • Until January 8, 2017 when my contract expires, I will work with the session in any and all ways that I can and that you (the session) deem appropriate to support the continuation of ministry at the church.
  • I will keep the church, its growth and its people in my prayers.  Your prayers for Joan and me are greatly appreciated as well.
  • I intend to pursue pastoral care ministry in the form of either chaplaincy opportunities and/or in Clinical Pastoral Education. 

I also note at this time that much has been accomplished during our time together.  The Pastor Nominating Committee has been formed and seems to have a solid ground of what they are looking for.  The congregation as a whole has a good grasp of who you are, of Who it is that you worship and of to whom you have been called.  Many thanks are in order to session members and all who have supported and contributed to your accomplishments.

Having said that, I remind us that Advent is drawing nearer to Christmas and New Year’s Day.  Both celebrations mark the beginning of new life and new things.  First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro is also at a time of a new thing.  As a new pastor will come in God’s time and as the church continues to grow in number and spiritual depth, there are many new and wonderful blessings in the outlook.  My prayers are with you all, that you will fully experience God’s blessings in the wholeness of Life, both corporately and individually.

We worship the God Who was, Who is and Who will be.  Jesus Christ came before at His birth; He has come into our hearts as Immanuel (God with us) and He will return for the fulfillment of all things in His grace and truth.

Let us all keep each other in our prayers for the Wellness that comes only from God.  Joan and I are both grateful for our time with you and wish all of you the very best, now and eternally. 


Alex Stevens