Worship This Week on Sunday.

This Sunday:  

May 13, 2018  11  AM Worship 

Pastor:  The Rev. Decatur Rodgers

Elder of the Month:  Brooke Hines;  Music Director: Jean Gomez  Guest Musician Yao Xiao

Hymns: Introit - All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name; Hymns: To God Be the Glory; God is So Good; God Be With You till We Meet Again.

Anthem: You Who Are Thirsty, Choir

1 st Lession:  1 John 5:9-13 

Scripture Lesson:  Acts 1:15-26

Sermon:    Putting Our House in Order, Rev Decatur Rodgers

Fellowship Sunday School Class:  Sunday May 6il 29, 2018.  9:45 AM.  You are invited to Join the Fellowship Sunday School Class as we continue our new study.  The Life and Ministry of the Messiah.  We share a short 15 minute video with historian Ray Vanderlaan, filmed in Israel.  Then share discussion time as we explore the importance of what we have learned.  Discussion, coffee and informative.   Plan to join us in the Fellowship Hall.

 Choir Practice:    choir practice is on Thursday Night at 7 PM in the Fellowship Hall.

Announcements of Coming Church Activities

TODAY:  We welcome The Rev. Decatur Rodgers our our Worship. 

Men of the Church:  May 29, 2018 at 11:30 AM.  Host Spencer Hinds.  Site:  Yesterdays

WORSHIP AND CHURCH PICNIC:  We will have worship followed by our Church Picnic on Sunday, May 20 at Georgia Power's Old Salem Park.  Worship at 11 AM with Lunch to Follow.

NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS AND PRAYER CONCERNS FOR THE BULLETIN: Please contact             Marie Boswell by email at marieeboswell@yahoo.com or phone or text at 706-347-0782.

Choir Practice:  7 PM every Thursday.

Search for FPOG: Our Pastor Nomination Committee made a report to the congregation in Worship several weeks ago.  Any member of the Congregation who could not attend that service, can get a personal verbal update by calling a member of the Committee.   Our PNC Committee is Duane Blough, Hap Tietjen, Jane Epps, Spencer Hinds and Beth Lewis

Orphan Aid Liberia work group will continue to meet each Monday at 1 PM in the Fellowship Hall.  This service work involves making dresses for young girls in Africa.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry is a local mission project that knits/crochets shawls to be given to those in need of our special prayers and remembrance.  For information, contact Brooke Hinds at 762-445-1006.

FLOWERS To provide flowers for the church, please see the list in the narthex and speak to                              Eileen Usherwood or Ann Corry.

Mission Statement    We are disciples of Jesus Christ reaching out through mission and warm welcoming fellowship to individuals of various communities of the Greene County area.

Vision StatementTo be the church of choice to the very rapidly growing population of the Greene County area; the active adult community.

Our Session Jan Brazier-Worship Elder; Cheri Moore-Fellowship Elder; James Graham-Member Care Elder; Johnnie Satterfield-Facilities Elder; Noble Usherwood-Finance, Education & Missions Elder; Brooke Hinds-Clerk