Worship This Week on Sunday.

First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro has called our new Pastor, The Rev. Margaret Jackson Clark.  

This Sunday:  October 14,  2018 with Worship at 11 AM

Pastor:  The Rev. Meg Jackson Clark

Elder of the Month:  James Graham;  Choir Director  Jean Gomez

Hymns: Introit -  Lord, Prepare Me;  Hymns - The Church's One Foundation,  A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less, 

First Reading:  Psalm 62: 5-12

Anthem: There is a Longing - Choir 

Second Reading:  1 Corinthians 3:10-23

Sermon:  Building on the Foundation  , Rev Jackson Clark

Fellowship Sunday School Class this week we continue our study of The Book of Ruth.  Join us at 9:45 AM.  No homework, no prep, just come and enjoy.  Great Coffee and Discussion at 9:45AM

Choir Practice:  Choir practice this week is on Thursday at 7 PM in the Fellowship Hall.    

Announcements of Coming Church Activities

Fellowship Sunday School Class:   No doubt you are familiar with the story called the Prodigal Son, told by Jesus, in the Gospel of Luke. You may have thought that the story is about a son who grieves his father by asking for his inheritance and leaving home, but finally repents, returns and is welcomed with love by his father. Join us next week, October 21, for a lesson that might surprise you as we look at “The Story of Two Sons and the Prodigal God” with Dr. Tim Keller. 9:45 in the Fellowship Hall.   No homework. No stress.   Susie Pressley - Teacher.

Food and Fellowship:   On October 21th after Worship, we will have a meal.  All are invited.  We will have our Samwich and Home Made Ice Cream Festival.  Please come.  An old-fachioned hymn-sing will follow lunch!   A sign up sheet will be on the table in the narthex for foods  that we need.  We hope you can all be there.  
A NEW ACCESSORY!  Be sure to get your name tags so that we can all easily identify one another! It
may not be your favorite thing to wear, but it will help all of us, especially our pastor.
Please put on a name tag when you come in, and leave it on the table in the entryway when you leave.
Thank you!
Let us remember our family members:
Each week we offer special prayer requests for certain individuals, and that will continue. This week, we
continue our intentional prayer for members of the church. There may be nothing pressing in their lives
that we know of, but let’s take the time to pray, intentionally, for one another.
This week, let us pray for:  Peter & Shannon Candler and Bob & Charles Michael Webb
Elder of the Month;  Our Elder to contact during the Month of October  is James Graham at 919-210-5164..

Contact Information:  Church Office 706-453-4956, Meg Jackson Clark 770-301-6165, mjclark@numail.org

New Announcements and Prayer Concerns for the Bulletin: Please contact  Marie Boswell by email at marieeboswell@yahoo.com or phone or text at 706-347-0782.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry is a local mission project that knits/crochets shawls to be given to those in need of our special prayers and remembrance.  For information, contact Brooke Hinds at 762-445-1006.

Flowers To provide flowers for the church, please see the list in the Narthex and speak to  Eileen Usherwood or Ann Corry.

Mission Statement    We are disciples of Jesus Christ reaching out through mission and warm welcoming fellowship to individuals of various communities of the Greene County area.

Vision Statement To be the church of choice to the very rapidly growing population of the Greene County area. 

Our Session Jan Brazier-Worship Elder; Cheri Moore-Fellowship Elder; James Graham-Member Care Elder; Johnnie Satterfield-Facilities Elder; Noble Usherwood-Finance, Education & Missions Elder; Brooke Manning Hinds-Clerk of Session. Teaching Elder Moderator, The Rev Meg Jackson Clark.