Worship This Week – Sermon Preview

Sermon Preview for 8/9/20

"Blessed are the peace makers, for they shall be called the children of God." Come with us to the home of the Prophet Micah as Pastor Meg explores his vision of the future when peace reigns instead of strife and war. Micah knew that peace just doesn't happen, but rather people having to actively chose peace. Jesus likewise knew this truth and taught his deciples to actively make peace. How? The answer might lie in the second part of the 7th Beatitude. To learn more join us here with Pastor Meg Sunday morning at 11:00 am. And share this video with your friends here on Facebook and invite them to tune in this Sunday.

Posted by First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro GA on Thursday, August 6, 2020

This Week in Worship including Scriptures, Anthem and Sermon

Worship Plans: We have delayed our planned reopening for in-person worship for the time being. Session will re-evaluate at our August 18 meeting.  Guidelines will be sent via email, and posted on our website. Plans are subject to change as we learn more about the course of the coronavirus.

On Line Worship:  Our service this Sunday can be viewed at 11 AM.  The Sunday Service can be viewed by going to this site www.facebook.com/fpcgreensboroga.org on Sunday morning at 11:00 AM and following the 4 step process below.

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First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro

August 9 , 2020, Worship 

Church Musican: Tsai-Wei-Li; Elder Assisting: Judy Ray

Pastor:  The Rev Meg Jackson Clark


Prayer of Illumination - Judy Ray

Scripture  Micha 4:1-4,  Matthew 5:1-7

Anthem:  Down By the Riverside,  Steve Brown and Meg Jackson Clark

Sermon  "Blessed Peacemakers"  Rev Meg Jackson Clark

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In sure and certain hope of the resurrection, we give thanks for the life and witness of Bill Dotson, who died on       August 5, 2020. Bill’s smile and enthusiastic spirit will be greatly missed by our congregation.

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Worship and other activities continue on line only.  Session will re-evaluate at our August 18 meeting.

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You can Zoom Sunday School or Church Worship and listen to both each week.  Contact Chuck Thorp to set you up. 

Continue Praying For:

Ann Corry, Bill Corry, Family of Bill Dotson
Brooke Manning-Hinds, Bruce Porter, Chris Penna
Chuck Thorp, David Blough, Deanna & Jesse Blount,  Franklin Latimer Roberts,  Harrison Marcus
Johnnie Satterfield, Kenneth Pressley, Lori Howerton, 
Marcus Pinson, Marie Boswell, Marie Kent Rainey
Mike Webb, Family of Randy Quintrell, Richard Aiken, Sam Marshall, Sonia & Marguerite Grimes, Susie Pressley,
Tristan Epps, Our National and World Leaders, Veterans and Military Members , All of our health care workers. 

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Bill Brown