Worship This Week – Sermon Preview from Pastor Meg

Sermon Preview for 12/6/20

The lessons for this second Sunday in Advent try to teach us that the path to live as God wants us to is often beset with obstacles. John the Baptist called on the people to repent and be baptised, Isaiah called on the people to repent and follow the path to true peace God has put before us. As Pastor Meg points out, together we can begin removing those obstacles along our path and start to prepare the way for receiving the Kingdom of God. Join us Sunday morning here on this page or in person at the church. Share this video with your firends on Facebook and invite them to join us in worship this Sunday. We hope to see you then.

Posted by First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro GA on Thursday, December 3, 2020

This Week in Worship including Scriptures, Anthem and Sermon. Celebration of Communion

Sunday School and Worship Plans this Week:

Sunday School has moved back to 9:45 AM live in the Fellowship Hall also on Zoom. 

Worship will be live in the Sanctuary and online.  

Online Worship:  Our service this Sunday can be viewed at 11 AM.  The Sunday Service can be viewed by going to this site www.facebook.com/fpcgreensboroga.org on Sunday morning at 11:00 AM and following the 4 step process below.

  1.  Click on the Facebook link above, and that click will take you to our Facebook Page. 
  2. A Facebook account is not required. On the left menu, click Videos. You will see a group of squares representing either Church Services or Pastor Meg's Sermon Preview Video. 
  3. Click the top left video which is the service for this week. If the top left square is not the Sermon Video, the service has not uploaded yet. Wait here for it to upload or check back later.
  4. Turn the sound up, expand the video to fullscreen, and enjoy the service!

First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro

December 6, 2020                 Worship and Communion

Music Director: Sean Butler ;  Elder Assisting:  Brooke Manning-Hinds

Pastor:  Rev. Meg Jackson Clark,

Prayer of Illumination                                                                                  Brooke Manning-Hinds

Scripture                  Isaiah 40: 1-11                                                              Brooke Manning-Hinds

Anthem                    "Comfort, Comfort Now My People"                                                 

Scripture                   Mark 1: 1-8                                                                    Brooke Manning-Hinds

Sermon                    " Path to Peace"                                                 Rev. Meg Jackson Clark

You are invited to offer yourself and your resources in gratitude to God. (Those attending in person may place your offering in the
plate on the table as you leave. You may also mail your monetary contributions to First Presbyterian Church, P.O. Box 26, Greensboro,
GA 30642 or donate online at www.fpog.org using the “Give Here” tab.)


Announcements for our Church

Sunday School each week at 9:45 a.m. in person in the Fellowship Hall, and also on Zoom.

Worship and Communion continues in person and online.  If you are on line, please have your juice and crackers ready for Communion.

The season of Advent has begun! In this season of darkness, we light candles on our Advent wreath each week, reminding
us of the light of Christ coming into the world. Contact Meg Marshall at coldspringsnake@yahoo.com if you would like to
lead one of our Advent wreath readings.

Next Sunday, December 13, we will ask God’s blessings on our planned annual giving to God’s ministry in the coming
year. If you haven’t already done so, please mail or bring your anonymous pledge card to the church.

Continue Praying For:

Adele Montgomery, Amy Rardin, Beth Lewis, Bill Corry, Brooke Manning-Hinds,  Bruce Porter, Charlie McClure, Cheri Moore, David Blough, Johnnie Satterfield,  Lori Howerton, Luanne Hardin, Marcus Pinson,  Marie Kent Rainey,  Mike Webb,  Sam Marshall,  Tim Brown, Zack Brown.  Our Elders-Elect, Our National and World Leaders, Veterans and Military Members , All of our Health Care Workers

Let us remember our church members and friends:  As we offer intentional prayer, let us pray for:

Dot Key  (Dot is a long time member who doesn't get out much.  If you get a chance, give her a call.)