Worship This Week on Sunday.

There will be a Called Meeting of the Congregation on July 29, 2018 following the worship service.  The purpose of the meeting will be:
·         To nominate and elect an Officer Nominating Committee (ONC) to serve a one-year term from
June 2018 to June 2019 to include but not limited to:  Cheri Moore (Session Representative),
Mary Graham and Chuck Thorp.
·         To hear a report and recommendation from the Pastor Nominating Committee and the Committee on Ministry for the Presbytery; and to take any action appropriate following the report.
Brooke Manning-Hinds
Clerk of Session

This Sunday:  July 15, 2018  11  AM Worship 

Pastor:  The Rev. John Lamsma

Elder of the Month:  Cheri Moore;  Music Director: Jean Gomez.

Hymns: Introit - Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God; For the Beauty of the Earth; I'm Gonna Live So God Can Use Me; Alleluia, Alleluia Give Thanks. 

Anthem:  Pannis Angelicus, C. Frank   Guest Violin Solist - Jose Luis Trigueros.

First Reading:  Genesis 15:1-11, 17-21  

Sermon:   "God, Abraham and Covenant",   The Rev. John Lamsma.

Fellowship Sunday School Class:  You are invited to Join the Fellowship Sunday School Class as we continue our new study.  The Life and Ministry of the Messiah.  We share a short 15 minute video with historian Ray Vanderlaan, filmed in Israel.  Then share discussion time as we explore the importance of what we have learned.  Discussion, coffee and information.   Plan to join us in the Fellowship Hall.  Our next Bible Study will be on the Book of Ruth

Congregational Meeting: There will be a called congregational meeting Sunday, July 29, 2018 after our 11 AM morning worship service.  The Purpose of the meeting is to hear a report from the PNC and the Presbytery Committee on Ministry and take action as necessary.

Choir Practice:  Choir practice is 7 P.M. on Thursday night.  Want to sing, come and check us out.

Announcements of Coming Church Activities

TODAY:  We welcome The Rev. Dr. Ford G'Segner who will be leading us in Worship.  Ford was our Pastor for 11 years and it is good having him back as our Session Moderator and Supply Pastor.

Elder of the Month;  Our Elder to contact during the Month of July is Cheri Moore at 706-454-1390

Thank You:  
To all who serve Jesus at our Church.

Men’s Fellowship Luncheon: Join the group for food and fellowship at 11:30 am, Tuesday, July 29.  Site TBA by our July Host,  Jimmy Moore.

Church Fellowship Dinner:  After Worship on July 15 in the Fellowship Hall.  Bring your favorite dish.  The church will provide the meat and drink.

Church Directory:  Our New Directory is in the Narthex on our Information Table.

 NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS AND PRAYER CONCERNS FOR THE BULLETIN: Please contact  Marie Boswell by email at marieeboswell@yahoo.com or phone or text at 706-347-0782.

Search for FPOG: Our Pastor Nomination Committee continues to make progress in their search.

Orphan Aid Liberia work group will continue to meet each Monday at 1 PM in the Fellowship Hall.  This service work involves making dresses for young girls in Africa.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry is a local mission project that knits/crochets shawls to be given to those in need of our special prayers and remembrance.  For information, contact Brooke Hinds at 762-445-1006.

FLOWERS To provide flowers for the church, please see the list in the Narthex and speak to  Eileen Usherwood or Ann Corry.

Mission Statement    We are disciples of Jesus Christ reaching out through mission and warm welcoming fellowship to individuals of various communities of the Greene County area.

Vision Statement To be the church of choice to the very rapidly growing population of the Greene County area. 

Our Session Jan Brazier-Worship Elder; Cheri Moore-Fellowship Elder; James Graham-Member Care Elder; Johnnie Satterfield-Facilities Elder; Noble Usherwood-Finance, Education & Missions Elder; Brooke Hinds-Clerk